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Matthew 7:15

10/16/13 by DBuck-Eye

Hi. I made a comic that I'm sort of proud of, so I put it in the art portal:

Tell me what you think!

About those game things that I'm supposed to make. I got nothing. Or rather, I have like 6 ideas that aren't that good, and I'm pretty busy, so I guess I'll just never make one again or something... I don't know, I'm pretty good at coming up with game titles, it's just filling out the rest of the details that I struggle with. Hey, that gives me an idea.... Anyone want to purchase some fine game titles? Dirt cheap and pure as Meth, I swear.

Matthew 7:15


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Ravenous hippos, lol.



Haha Hippo Christ, that's pretty hilarious!
Your games are fun man, so you've got to make more. DO ITTTT! :D
Why not make a game featuring HC though???