Thanks for the Front Page & Daily Third, Newgrounds!

2013-08-18 13:32:09 by DBuck-Eye

Cole Slaw's time in the spotlight has come and gone, as do all games, so I just want to give a big "Thank You!" to Newgrounds for putting it on the Front Page! It means a lot when you can go to a giant site as awesome Newgrounds and have a somewhat unorthodox game recognized. That's why Newgrounds will always have a special place in my heart, so Thank You!

Furthermore, a big thank you for the reception it received! A Daily Third is one step closer to a Daily First/Weekly Award, and is one more notch on my profile's belt as well :) Thank you users for all of the kind reviews and constructive criticism, and for the not-so-constructive criticism, I'm still glad that I managed to waste some of your time, suckers! (HA!)

Anyways, I hope that you enjoyed my game, cause it could be a while before my next one... Yeesh. I'm gonna go eat some delicious pulled pork and cole slaw now. Peace out!

Thanks for the Front Page & Daily Third, Newgrounds!


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2013-08-18 20:35:44

Cole slaw?? Un-followed

DBuck-Eye responds:

Well, I blew it :(


2013-08-18 20:39:59

Thank you for making awesome games!