Judge Me!

2013-11-13 12:29:01 by DBuck-Eye

So yeah, I'm kind of craving feedback on my comic right now. I've added a few to the Art Portal recently, so you can check those out. Or you could head over to Super FTC! to see 'em all. It's an option for all y'all if you're really bored and have somehow managed to exhaust everything on TV Tropes (read: impossible).

Now then, I won't spam the Front Page with another post until I have game news and speaking I have no idea what my next game will be. Anyone got any ideas? I'll seriously consider them.

Judge Me!


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2013-11-13 18:56:23

I don't get it.

DBuck-Eye responds:

Well shit, I guess I fucked up...


2013-11-13 20:29:35

The comic is kind of cool, even though I didn't understand anythingat all.

Also what happened to the ideas You had? You scrapped them because they were too time consuming to realise?

DBuck-Eye responds:

I'll take kind of cool.

As for my game ideas, you're pretty much dead on. I wouldn't say that they've been scrapped, they're just gonna take more time than I hoped I had. I wanted to make a super simple game over Thanksgiving, but I don't have a good enough super simple idea yet. I'll try to get something out over Christmas break, though, so hope for late January/early February, if at all!


2013-11-14 08:27:31

I don't get it either. Looks good though.

DBuck-Eye responds:

I'll take it!


2013-11-14 22:16:00

I don't get it... But I love pixels!!

DBuck-Eye responds:

Me too! (They're kind of my thing)


2013-11-22 18:16:02

Another person complaining about how they don't get the comic, blah blah whatever.

So for game ideas, in Feeding the Children (and to a lesser degree in Cole Slaw) a lot of the fun for me came from how all the different characters interacted, such as how the cops would not only shoot but target the zombies. If you are looking for a quick game idea why not something with a simple shooter mechanic like in Feed the Children but kinda as a sandbox sim where you can place different entities on a map and experiment with how they interact? Or just another game with mass chaos for no reason.

DBuck-Eye responds:

I agree with you completely. It's really funny (to me, at least) when you see other things in the world interact with each other, like the mothers blowing up other enemies, or a snowboarder crashing into a poll the same way that you do, so that's something I like to include in my games.

A sandbox does sound like a cool idea, but that said, I think that can be hard to make compelling game that people would continue playing from just a sandbox, so I feel like there would have to more to it than that. But definitely a cool idea, and thanks for reading the comic!