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10 Years (+ 1 Day) on Newgrounds

Posted by DBuck-Eye - July 7th, 2017

You know, I've been thinking about my 10-year Newgrounds anniversary for a while now.  A month ago, I was hoping I could get a game or a special comic out for it. A week ago, I had settled on a thoughtful blog post.  Yesterday, I worked and went to a Mariners game. Today is 10 years + 1 day later.  How can that seem like such a long damn time when this past month was so fucking short?

I hadn't even started high school back then.

I'm really at a loss for words just thinking about that, so I might just wrap it up.  Newgrounds, it's been fun.  I love what this site stands for and I still believe in it.  F*** the C**ldr*n reaching the front page still might be the happiest moment of my life.

Those are the important points, anyway.  Oh, and if Newgrounds ever needs a very skilled web developer working pro bono, that's pretty much my dream job at this point.  Please save me from my asshole manager/coworker.

Ten fucking years and one day. Fuck.

Comments (7)

Started on NG at 14? Not bad, 3 years older than I was. Grats!

ILLEGAL USER! WE HAVE AN ILLEGAL USER HERE! You have to be 13 to join Newgrounds! SOMEBODY BAN THIS GUY! And yes, I was a bored 14 year old during Summer :)

Hahahahah, man, I don't think anybody cares. I blabbed all over the forums that I was 11 for ages, reviewed all kinds of porn. I think they just thought I was a troll, lol. In retrospect, I was.

Age gates do sort of lose meaning when you can't enforce them :)

i was 11 when i joined too

I guess that was the age to join...

I was 11 when I first came on here way back in 2004.

what are you, 24 or something?

congrats, old fag ;P

thanks, buddy!

Welcome to the club, bro

Good to be here, bro

24 in a few months.

Well lemme tell ya, it is not a very exciting birthday. At least you can rent cars when you turn 25.