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Fun, and pretty fun too. That last hole hits a little too close to home, though. Too many memories of chunking chips...

I got to 2. Very derivative as far as these things are concerned, but enjoyable for a few minutes.

keybol responds:

not many made 2! you should be proud! it's derivative but one of the new things here is the hand made level design that made look impossible but if you think about it, it's doable and some are actually easier than they look

This game screen is WAY too big. Cap it at 800 pixels wide and 600 pixels high in the future.

Honestly, I miss the Dino Run aesthetic, but this is still really fun! I'll totally buy it when it comes out on Android :)

I really liked this game, and think it was really well put together, but honestly it felt a bit derivative. There have been other pixel platformers that attempt to fuse messages and meaning with gameplay, and nothing about this story seemed much better than those (I'm talking Depict1, The Company of Myself, etc.).

Also the music stank. But not many games keep my attention to the end, so I look forward to your next game! :)

This is really probably a 4, but fuck you for that last star. Personally, I kind of games that use pixel art, but then use it in un-pixel-like fashion (straight up rotation), but this kept my attention. Good job!

Fantastic! I wish the names could be longer (like the font gets smaller or it goes to 2 lines), but besides that, I love it!

This is certainly a well made game, but I feel like some parts of it aren't quite up to snuff. The fact that you can aim and fire your ball while it is still moving is strange to me and at times that makes it feel more like an action game than the sidescrolling golf game that it really is. The presentation is good, though I feel it's somewhat generic, but that's not much to complain about. Overrall, I think it's a solid effort, though nothing special.


I think you have a really good game on your hands. The gameplay is interesting and challenging. The art is great and I love the cinematic camera. My one gripe is the lack of a mute button, but there is any background music so it too important. My only other problem is I'm not sure why you couldn't just use two buttons instead of one for attacks. The way it is you just sort of mash the space bar until everyone's dead. But other than that, this was incredibly fun and keep up the good work!


Man, I thought that this would just be some cheap knockoff that only gets attention because of its theme. I was wrong. This is as good as it gets. It feels almost like a demo to what I hope the real Castle Crashers will be like. Keep up the great work!

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